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About Colby Gray

For the past 40 years Colby Gray was the stage name of Randall Griffith. As the music of Colby Gray began to reach a wider audience Randall and his producer Jon KT realized that having 2 names was confusing for anyone trying to find Colby and his music. For that reason a collaboration was formed and now Colby Gray is a “band” name. We hope that anyone looking for Colby Gray music will find it quickly and easily.

Randall Griffith

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I am a singer/songwriter from the U.S. (Pacific NW). I write acoustic based songs about life, love, and the joys/tribulations of life. My inspirations are acoustic and folk music from artists such as James Taylor, Simon and Garfunkel, CSN, Neil Young, John Denver, and Dan Fogelberg. In college, I borrowed guitars from other college kids who had them, but never played them. Eventually I used my college graduation money to buy my first guitar; a Takamine 12 string. That guitar was put to constant use as I practiced, wrote, and played in shows on college campuses, clubs/bars, and local festivals. My songwriting began in earnest after college and has continued to this day. When home recording became an option I began recording my songs for "posterity." I never thought they'd be played for more than family and friends, but then I discovered SoundCloud and a wider audience. That led me to indie radio shows and my current partnership with Jon K.T.

Jon K.T Lindley

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I was born and raised in England. I currently reside in Wisconsin. I am an independent music producer, musician and audio engineer. After working for many years in the woodworking industry I chose to change my career path. I decided to turn my hobby into my career. I went back to school graduating in 2011 with an Associates Degree in Recording Technology from the Madison Media Institute in Madison Wisconsin. To further my education I acquired a Bachelors Degree from Full Sail University in Music Production, and recently graduated with my Master's Degree in Entertainment Business at Full Sail University. On more of a personal level, I have worked with a couple of local musicians and songwriters on co-writing, producing, recording and mixing songs for different projects. I like to challenge myself. I have worked in many different genres of music including rock, reggae, pop, and folk music to name a few. I recently reached a personal goal in my music career with having an E.P released in Europe.

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